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Errollyn Wallen-8

  Don't forget to leave a comment. British composer Errollyn Wallen writes amazing music that is a joy to hear!  She was born in Belize in 1958, but moved to the U.K. when she was two.  She studied dance and music while in school. Here are some examples: Peace on Earth Concerto Grosso Chrome for Brass Band Mighty River

John Corigliano - 7

  Don't forget to leave a comment. American composer John Corigliano was born in and still lives in New York City. His father was the concertmaster for the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, and his mother was a pianist. He has written more than 100 major compositions, many of them award-winning ( he has: A Pulitzer, 5 grammy awards, and an oscar) He is also a well-respected music teacher at the Julliard School and CUNY (he still teaches at 85!), and has influenced many composers of the 20th and 21st centuries. Here are some examples try to listen to a bit of the all: The Red Violin - The Legend of the Haunted Violin -- spooky music for October! Longer version of "The Red Violin"  Symphony No. 3 (Circus Maximus) the music begins at 8:20 , however the introduction is interesting , listen at 32:30 for the sirens! Fern Hill  this is choral music (performed by a choir) listen around 5:00 for the most exciting part!

Caroline Shaw-6

Remember to leave a comment. Caroline Shaw was the youngest recipient of the Pulitzer Prize in 2013 at the age of 30! Her winning composition is titled: Partita for 8 Voices  (click the link to listen, Ms. Shaw is one of the performers) Also a 2022 Grammy Award winner: Narrow Sea She is from North Carolina and like many other composers, including Mozart and Beethoven, her first teacher was a parent (Mother). She began playing the violin at two years old and composed her first music at ten! Interesting fact: Kanye West has used her music on one of his albums. Here are some more examples (they are really interesting): String Quartet Music in Common Time (very beautiful music) Its Motion Keeps (music for children's choir) Microfictions And The Swallow And The Swallow Vocal Version An interview with Caroline Shaw-she talks about how she creates music!