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William Grant Still - 3

Don't forget to leave a comment. Born in Mississippi and educated at Oberlin Conservatory of Music, William Grant Still was the first African American composer to have music performed by a major symphony orchestra and the first African American to conduct (lead) a major symphony orchestra (The Los Angeles Philharmonic in 1936). His music has been performed all over the world; is still very popular and his company William Grant Still Music is managed by his family to this day. He also published an opera (Hwy1,USA): Click here to learn more about it! Hwy 1,USA-small the first section audio only Here are some examples of his music: Afro-American Symphony (first Movement) Ennanga Danzas De Panama

Clara Wieck (Schumann)-2

Please remember to leave a comment During her lifetime (1819-1896), Clara Wieck (Schumann-she was married to Robert Schumann another musician) was known as a concert pianist--in fact, she was considered one of the greatest pianists of her day! As a child, she gave her first public performance at age eight, and at the age of eleven, she toured all over Europe. Since she performed the music of other composers, her own compositions were not often performed during her lifetime. Today, Schumann's music is very well known, and now you know her music too! Here are a few examples: Scherzo in C minor Nocturne Trio (music for violin, cello, and piano) Concert Variations Piano Concerto in A minor (this is a lengthy selection- the first few minutes will give you  a taste) And if you really enjoy her music here are the complete works for piano! (over three hours of music)

John Williams

Be Sure To Leave A Comment With Your Name.  Without a doubt John Williams is one of America's best known composers. He was born in 1932 to a musical family- his father was a percussionist (instruments that you strike or hit like drums).  He studied music in college and played in the US Air Force band. He started writing music for movies in the nineteen fifties. When he was 29 years old he won his first academy award ( one of many) for the movie "Fiddler on the Roof". He then wrote the music for "Jaws" winning another academy award. His most well known work is the music for "Star Wars" - this is music that is known around the world! He also wrote the music for the Harry Potter movies! Here are some examples: Schindler's List Indiana Jones Violin Concerto #1 (created in 1976) Jurassic Park Cello Concerto (1997) The Fiddler on the Roof Violin Concerto#2 ( composed in 2021) Interview with the composer