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Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-George(s)-3

Joseph Bologne, better known as Chevalier was one of the first classical composers of African heritage! He lived from 1745-1799. He was born in Guadeloupe to an enslaved Mother and eventually moved to France where he spent the rest of his life. He studied music in France and eventually became a respected composer. He was also the conductor of an orchestra in Paris: Les Concert Des Amateur. He was considered a musical equal and rival to W.A. Mozart! A recent movie has been made about his remarkable life. Listen to some of the following examples: Aria from his opera L'Mont Anonyme String Quartet in F minor Overture (the first selection) from his opera Sonata for two violins - worth watching! A short video about his life  - I highly recommend watching it! 

Clara Wieck (Schumann)-2

Please remember to leave a comment During her lifetime (1819-1896), Clara (Wieck) Schumann (she was married to Robert Schumann another musician) was known as a concert pianist--in fact, she was considered one of the greatest pianists of her day! As a child, she gave her first public performance at age eight, and at the age of eleven, she toured all over Europe. Since she performed the music of other composers, her own compositions were not often performed during her lifetime. Today, Schumann's music is very well known, and now you know her music too! Here are a few examples: Scherzo in C minor Nocturne Trio (music for violin, cello, and piano) Concert Variations Piano Concerto in A minor (this is a lengthy selection- the first few minutes will give you  a taste) And if you really enjoy her music here are the complete works for piano! (over three hours of music)