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Unsuk Chin Photo © Woenki Kim

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Though she lives in Berlin, Germany Unsuk Chin is originally from Korea  (born in 1961). She taught herself how to play piano and started writing music at a very young age. She says this about the music she creates :

"My music is a reflection of my dreams. I try to render into music the visions of immense light and of an incredible magnificence of colours that I see in all my dreams" — Unsuk Chin, 2003 

She is a very successful composer and has won many awards: 
2004 Grawemeyer Award for her Violin Concerto, the 2005 Arnold Schoenberg Prize, the 2010 Prince Pierre Foundation Music Award, and the 2017 Wihuri Sibelius Prize. 

In October of 2018, she won $200,000.00 and a commission to write new music for the New York Philharmonic orchestra! 

Listen to the following examples:


Gougalon (this is almost 24 minutes long -- you don't need to listen to all of it, but it is very interesting!)
        See if you can figure out how many unusual instruments she uses! Hint: go to 11:33 in the video

Violin Concerto (this is only part of the first section, but once again worth your time)


  1. Her fingers moved so fast in Toccata! Her music is very exciting! - From Dev

  2. I didn't really like the music but I did like how she moved lightening fast and gougalon kind of sounds out of place. Even if I played for 45 years I would not be as fast as her.-from ARI

  3. She was born in 1965 madelyn

  4. I like it. It is kind of happy and sad at the same time.

  5. Gougalon is a different kind of music. It is fun and unlike anything I have heard.

  6. Wow she won so much awards. She is a really good pianist. - Indira

  7. I liked how fast her fingers moved.

  8. Her fingers were so fast!!!!!
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!.!.!!!! I loved the music 🎶 🎵

  9. I really enjoyed her music. I love playing the violin.

  10. This music makes me feel happy and silly :)

  11. The music makes me feel like I want to fly away and I want to follow in her path for $200,000 :)

  12. Hayes says, "he loves the way she plays so fast!"

  13. I listened to Violin Concerto, I never knew the violin sounded this, it is different.

  14. I love the music.It makes me feel happy. Sophia B.


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