Jennifer Higdon - 13

American composer Jennifer Higdon has a Pulitzer Prize and a Grammy award!
She is also a self-taught musician and did not study music with a teacher until she was in college.

Ms. Higdon was born in New York City but lived in Atlanta for 10 years during her youth.
Higdon has composed several pieces of music for The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. Currently, she teaches music at The Curtis Institute in Philadelphia, where she wrote "Blue Cathedral" one of her most popular compositions. She recently picked up her third Grammy award for "Harp Concerto"!

Blue Cathedral (link has been fixed)

Percussion Concerto (this is a short excerpt, for the entire work click here ) - Grammy Award Winner!

Violin Concerto (Pulitzer Prize Winner)

Harp Concerto - part three "Joy Ride" (Grammy 2020)


  1. We missed the last part of Percussion Concerto. Also Violin Concerto was very exquisite.Oh and we as in me and my mom didn't actually watch Blue Cathedral because it was not available. But we found another, but it was played by a different orchestra.

  2. I like Joy Ride and it is like amazing, with all those different tones and pitches and it makes me feel happy, light , and excited. - Indira

  3. I like the harp concert because it had high notes and low notes. It sounded beautiful! -Indira Prema Kamath


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