Scott Joplin - 12

He is the most famous composer you've never heard of -- Scott Joplin was born near the end of 1867( the actual date is unknown) in Northern Texas. His parents were formerly enslaved and gave Scott some of his earliest music lessons.

Scott taught himself to play the piano while his mother cleaned the houses of wealthy people who owned pianos (the Joplins did not have a piano at home). Later in his life, he began to write music and became known as "The King Of Ragtime" because of the style of music he created. An opera, music for ballet, and more than 44 ragtime dances for the piano are just a part of the music Joplin wrote in his life. Here are some of his most well-known compositions:


  1. I think that the The Entertainer and the Maple Leaf Rag kind of sound the same. Oh, and how many songs did he make? If I forget to ask you. It made me feel very happy and calm. From: Ari

  2. I really like the entertainer. It made me think of cowboys and it made me feel entertained. from peyton

  3. scott joplin makes fun music. It makes me want to dance around. - addie.b

  4. I loved the music I dance so much II fell in the ground because I got so dizzy


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