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Joan Tower is one of the most well-known American composers either living or dead and is also one of the most successful female composers ever. In addition to writing music, she is an accomplished pianist. Joan was born in 1938 in New York; when she was a child her family moved to South America. She returned to the states many years later to go to college and continue her music career. Listen to the following examples:

Silver Ladders(Grawemeyer Award For Music Winner)
Piano Concerto - you will love this!


  1. Dear Mr. Montague, I love Joan Tower’s music but my favorite is the Concerto. I like the end of the Piano Concerto the most. ��. From Lorelei

  2. Dear Mr. Montague,

    This is Pearce Winford. Joan Tower composed Flute Concerto. It is very relaxing. You can learn a lot about it and how to play it.

  3. joan was born in 1938 in new york

  4. I thought For The Uncommon Woman sounded like Christmas music, Jurassic park music, and Alien music all mixed together. I like to listen to Piano Concerto because it's peaceful. ARI

  5. This sounds like John Williams' music.


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