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Jessica De Maria-15

 Atlanta-based composer Jessica De Maria is currently premiering her original musical (written with another Atlanta-based artist, Chase Peacock) The Pretty Pants Bandit in Roswell (north of Atlanta), at the Cultural Arts Center as you are reading this bio. As a bit of interesting information, Mr. Montague actually knows this particular composer!  This will be the last Composer of the Week for the 2021-2020 school year. Since we are in the midst of ERBs all students have until April 20 (G Day) to listen and read. She is a graduate of Oglethorpe University  (also here in Atlanta) and has written several musicals and songs (as a freelance composer). Here are two songs from  The Pretty Pants Bandit (written with collaborator Chase Peacock): Make It Beautiful   Big Boy Dreams Another musical: Viv's Lullaby from Vivian