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Caroline Shaw-7

Caroline Shaw was the youngest recipient of the Pulitzer prize in 2013 at the age of 30! Her winning composition is titled: Partita for 8 Voices  (click the link to listen, Ms. Shaw is one of the performers) She is from North Carolina, and like many other composers, including Beethoven, her first teacher was a parent (Mother). She began playing the violin at two years old and composed her first music at ten! Interesting fact: Kanye West has used her music on one of his albums. Here are some more examples (they are really interesting): String Quartet Music in Common Time (very beautiful music) Its Motion Keeps (music for children's choir)

Terrence Blanchard-6

Terence Blanchard is an award-winning (six Grammys) composer from New Orleans and is having his opera performed in New York City by the Metropolitan Opera company! This is a very big deal. He is the first African-American to have an opera produced by "The Met" He also plays the trumpet. Here are some examples of his music: Step Dance Click the button below for "Leave It In The Road" from the opera "Fire Shut Up In My Bones" Terence Blanchard on NPR's Tiny Desk

John Corigliano - 5

  American composer John Corigliano was born in, and still lives in New York City. His father was the concertmaster for the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, and his mother was a pianist. He has written more than 100 major compositions, many of them award winning ( he has: A pulitzer, 5 grammy awards, and an oscar) He is also a well respected music teacher at the Julliard School and CUNY, and has influenced many composers of the 20th and 21st century. Here are some examples: The Red Violin ( music composed for the movie) spooky music for October! Longer version of "The Red Violin"  Symphony No. 3 (Circus Maximus) the music begins at 8:20 , however the introduction is interesting , listen at 32:00 for the sirens! Fern Hill