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Edward "Duke" Ellington-10

  As a child, Edward Ellington was such a snazzy dresser that his friends started calling him "Duke," and that is how the rest of the world knows him today. He was born in Washington, D.C., in 1899 and was more interested in baseball than music!  Even so, Duke studied piano as a child, and by the age of 14, he was writing his own music --  at 18 he put together his first jazz band. His music is still popular today, and his orchestra continues to perform around the world. Even though his music is popularly labeled as "jazz," Duke called it "American Music."  Another interesting fact:  Duke is the first and only composer to appear on American money-the Washington D.C. quarter! Here are some of his most well-known works: Take The "A" Train Caravan (one of the best versions out there- quality isn't great) Satin Doll Sacred Music ( a large scale jazz cantata) more than an hour-long just listen to the f

Joan Tower - 9

Joan Tower is one of the most well-known American composers either living or dead and is also one of the most successful female composers ever. In addition to writing music, she is an accomplished pianist. Joan was born in 1938 in New York; when she was a child her family moved to South America. She returned to the states many years later to go to college and continue her music career. Listen to the following examples: For The Uncommon Woman Silver Ladders(Grawemeyer Award For Music Winner) Sequoia Petroushskates Copperwave Piano Concerto  - you will love this!

Ludwig Van Beethoven-9

Born in Bonn, Germany in December of 1770, Beethoven transformed what it meant to be a musician during his lifetime. At the time he was born most musicians were in the employ of wealthy patrons who controlled what they created -- by the end of his life, Beethoven demonstrated that it was possible to create music that satisfied the composer and audiences would be happy to pay to hear it. His music is among some of the most well-known in the world- he wrote for voice, piano, orchestra, and many solo instruments. Listen to the following: Minuet in G Ninth Symphony (the theme you know begins at 3:45) Newly Completed 10th symphony using AI Rage Over A Lost Penny ( Humor from Beethoven) Beethoven Lives Upstairs (great movie about Beethoven's life)