William Grant Still - 3

Born in Mississippi and educated at Oberlin Conservatory of Music, William Grant Still was the first African American composer to have music performed by a major symphony orchestra and the first African American to conduct (lead) a major symphony orchestra (The Los Angeles Philharmonic in 1936). His music has been performed all over the world, is still very popular and his company William Grant Still Music is managed by his family to this day.

Here are some examples of his music:


  1. Dear Mr. Montague
    I love William Grant Still's 🎶 music! Afro American Symphony made me think of New Orleans with trumpets and jazz and things. Ennanga made me see mermaids playing in the water. Danzas De Panama made me think of chickens dancing together and playing. I like that all of the songs sound so different from each other. I'm so happy I learned about him today! 😁 From: Lorelei

  2. I love that you are enjoying the music! Never stop learning.

    Mr. Montague

  3. Afro-American Symphony (first Movement) sounds like it was made in Broadway.🙃🙃

  4. I think the first two songs Afro-American Symphony and Ennanga are very calming.I also think that Danzas De Panama is very exciting. From ARI !

  5. His music is calm, peaceful and emotional - from Dev

  6. I really like the harp and piano. It is calming.

  7. I can't believe that his company is owned by his family now.


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